I don't want this blog to die out.

Hello again!

Woah. I can't believe the holidays had already passed. It seems like nothing has changed, and, well, it hasn't.

But I was at Lisl's, and I met you two (Mara for the first time, and Ruth again).

That was nice =)

Well, actually, nothing new here. I had been thinking about the future a lot lately. And not only me, but Chonka also. And I wrote a song for Chonka, but it's in Croatian + rap. =) actually, should be organic (jazz + rap over it).

So. I hope we're all gonna start writing here again. I never talk to Ruth because she got such a WoW junkie ^^ 

Hope to revive TEGC once again!

Love you <3

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Some poems I wrote: 


Fear - of losing
as You are
Fear - of change
wich destroys everything
Fear - of being alone
when u left me
Fear - of being not Yours anymore
as I was
Fear - of being not protected anymore
as You did all the time
Fear - of waking up
lying next to a stranger


Killing Yourself 

What would you do
if he says
he wanna die?
Would you care
or would you cry?
Would you help
or would you lie?
Would you say
it's his own decision?



I did lost you
gave you away
It was not the right time
for you to be here
i know that sounds hard
and maybe unfair
but what could i give you?
only love and air?
Thats not much
not enough!

I love you,
just one week
but you're part of my world!



And it was hard
to find myself
lying in my bed alone
lying in all that blood
Dying by myself
Because you never
really loved me!


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Nobody Writes in our blog. Not good.. not good!

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stalker alarm AHHHH

so we went downtown me and rania to meet with kevin sinja and yann at 7:30...but we did some shopping earlier and met friends at ebrunnen and out of a sudden i see kevin brendel like 10 meters away from me and i dunno why, but I was suddenly scared to death and ran...rania came running behind me and we went shopping...at 7:30 we went back to ebrunnen and met kathrin and other friends...waited for about almost an hour and sinja didnt turn up...so mad at her... like we went to the christmas fair alone me and rania and had fun and drove home again...suddenly duuh the phone rings me and rania AHHH KEVIN BRENDEL! wasn't him but turned out he wrote me tons of mssgs on schuelervz...im damn scared right now...he's totally crazy... Markus promised to talk to him to leave me alone...and Felix too *-* so cute WELL im actually scared to death right now...told my dad to scare him off if he should ever phone me again...

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is this blog gonna die? T_T O.o

Hey hons!

This blog is really slowly dying out, and I don't want that to happen! First of all, I know I hadn't been writing it regularly, but I'll try to. Second of all, we don't have our tegc evenings anymore! T_T and third of all, I dunno what's up with ruthie (btw, I LOVE your pic on schuelervz, it's so damn cute ^^!)

So, I got good grades this week, and I'll soon go out, so I'll make this quick, cuz I came back from school 24 mins ago and I gotta chill.

So... :p I'd been waiting for TODAY all the week long, and everything's so uber cool! BUT! Only one thing is SCREWED, and that is that I gotta wake up at 7am tomorrow, cuz we're gonna have HISTORY CLASSES from 8-10am, cuz the prof. hadn't showed up a few times, and now we have less classes than we should have. Damn, I so hate that guy >.< He might be a fuckin' genius (what is often said, cuz he knows EVERYTHING related to his stupid subject), but I hate him. 

I wish you both a very happy weekend and have much much fun ^^
Love you all <3!
See u in... *checks* 34 days!
<3 !!

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yoho :D

seems the blog is dying xD Nooooo!

well, I'm in school right now and have 4 hours to go...currently havin a booooooooring free period...already had 2 others and 1 to go... so I'm feelin alright I guess...tho I'm totally bad in math these days and mr. Frühwein talked to me about it...jeez...-__- soooooo uhm XD school sux right now...T_T nvm

luv ya guys and keep postin :D




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So, my dog died yesterday.

He was almost 10 years old. When my dad told me that he passed away, I cried. I was sad at school, but with help of my friends, got back on my feet again.

I'm fine today. I think I'm so calm because maybe, somewhere deep inside, I still don't realize that I won't see him nor pat him again. It had been almost long 10 years I had him, so since I was 7. That's a long time.

I don't believe in heaven, nor do I believe in hell. But I just hope he had a good time living here with me and my family. I hope he knew how much I loved him.

Well. Now I still have my little Skippy and my cat Miu to take care of. Skippy was deeply traumatized yesterday; he misses Naison even more than I do, I think.

Talk to you soon, girls
love you *kisses*

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