I hate those days .. I hate those hrs and minutes and seconds when all my memories about Kevins accident come back. It's like I can't breath anymore ... it's like my heart stands still for minutes. It hurts and I dunno what to d against it. It's now 2 month ago.. but it's still here... it's not rly gone away.

I dunno if I should talk with Kevin about it... because I think he'll not understand. For him it's all over and easy to forget. But for me.. it was the hardest moment in my life.

Sry that I complain about those unimportant things!

I live U two! *kisses* Ruth 

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Two pics

Stuff from yesterday...


(bwaaa what a stupid ugly pimple onto my cheek! >.< gah! =.= )


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Dark Celebration party

Hey Girls!

Yesterday I went out with kevin to the dcp and it was such great fun We came there 22:00 and stayed there to 2:00 at night. It was so cool and so loud good music and I danced so much. xD

Celina was there, but whio cares bout that bitch?! She looked at me like she wanted to kill me the next moment xD but I smiled at her and then she never looked at me the whole evening. :P

But something made me crazy... Celina said "hello" to an boy on this party and he gave her a kiss .. and kevin looked so jealous... dunno. maybe I'm just crazy or so. whatever....

it was a gread time and I enjoyed it. And next weekend I'll go to the blacklight party

See U *kisses* Ruthi 

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Sunday, and I need to read lecture =.=

Hey girls,

I went out yesterday and it was okay - first there were only Margo and I. Vesna couldn't come cuz she wasn't allowed to. Rojc is not for the ''good ones'', and her parents don't let her go there. Also, we didn't see anybody from class there cuz all the fancy crew stays far away from that place which is full of punks.

Then we met with three girls from the A class, and a guy from the 4th grade. They were okay, I was chatting with the guy and he was really funny.

We were chilling outside the 'club' for quite some time, and afterwards went in - but it was too crowded, and there was a huge  ____. Margo and I were quite scared, cuz there were mad punks, and you never know which one might hurt you.

So, we went out, and went to the Uljanik club. There was quite dull, cuz only a small amount of ppl was there. The three A class girls went back to Rojc again I think, but Margo and I stayed in Uljanik and chilled there for one hour (saw ManDICK mwahaha, we were laughing at him so hard XD), and afterwards went for a walk around the city and talked.

It could've been better, but it was okay, and I'm happy Margo had forced me to go out, cuz I needed it =)

Love you *hugs* & write about your evening!!

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19:12 on a Saturday

Hi girls!

I feel so lazy and I don't wanna go anywhere. But Margo wanted me to come out so badly, and wrote half of the sms ''please'', so in the end I gave up, and we'll meet at 09:30 near Uljanik the club.

We're planning to go first to Rojc, where an Anti-Fa (anti-fascistic) concert of underground bands is gonna be held. We'll see the atmosphere and in the case we don't like it, we'll go back to Uljanik.

I'm going cuz Margo asked me to, and cuz Vesna is gonna come also. Jukica, a girl from my class, is going to come too, but I don't like her. She's a huge hypocrite - she's, like, all nice to your face, but when you turn your back to her, she starts bitching around about you. I hate that >.<

I'd like her not to come, but I think she will.. nevermind.

I hope I'll have fun, though.

Love you *hugs*


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Bored and Tired

Hi Girls!

I'm at Kevin today .. and I'm bored. Today we gonna go to this DCP and I hope we'll have a lot of fun. But I feel so tired even I slept 13 hours last night. (maybe it's just because I slept that much!!!) U know what I mean.

So,  hope this Party will be ok and we'll have a good time. We have to walk there .. and I'm not happy bout it because I want to wear my shoes with this 11cm .. and it hurts after a while walking. Hope it's not too bad. I'm also trying to find the shortest way .. but I really dunno xD So we'll see! :D

Whatever.. we'll take the bus at 18:54 and it's 18:04 now. I hope kevin will be ready because he's taking a shower at the moment and he's not as quick as  am.. xD I hope he'll shave his face.. I hate his beard. >.<

so, I wish u both a nice weekend .. or what's left of it.

*kisses* Ruthi 

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just stuff

Hi gals!

Well, today was a really exhausting and tiring day... .we somehow managed to postpone our chemistry exam, although there was much fuss about that. Nevermind. I'm just so sick of all those hypocrites of our professors...

Anyway, Tina told me something which SHOULDN'T be bothering me, but it still DOES bother me....
Tina: ''This happened a few days ago while I was in the shop with Petra, Kikica and Justa. They were talking about you, and then they said 'Aha, Mandic', and I said that that story is over, and then they said 'Aha, Nikola's now. Definitely Nikola.' And even Justa said 'yap, nikola' ''

Dunno. I know I shouldn't worry about that stuff, but Tina told me: ''They had all noticed SOMETHING. Petra always mentions the way you look at him. You've never told them anything about the feelings you had had toward him, except for Kikica who didn't say anything to anybody, and they somehow know something.'' 

Dunno. It's stupid, I know, but it still bugs me and I keep thinking about that...

Nvm. I'm not in the greatest mood today, obviously, but I think/hope I'll go out tomorrow (Ruthie will be proud of me :P), have fun, and forget 'bout stuff.

Ruth knows about my dog who's ill - for Mara: He got some kinda allergic reaction to ... gah, can't remember the right word... the being which later becomes a butterfly. Well, that. And he also had angina, but luckily, today he's better. We'll take him to the vet once more tomorrow morning.

Alright, nothing else is new here.
Love you girls!! *kisses* And see ya soon =))

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