MCR concert

:D well it sux I couldnt do tegc with u last night but I was at a My Chemical Romance concert with Melanie :D it was FUCKING AWESOME! This band totally rocked! so much fun, best concert I've ever been to!!!

 I went to see the premier of "Atonement" with Keira Knightley on Wednesday....I cried so hard T.T u guys have to watch's brilliant :D

so finally weekend yay :D ill be sleeping at lisls tomorrow :D hehe well do sth special for ya Isa

 am glad ur back!!!

luv u guys

hugs&kisses mara

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I have to post an entry about relationships and some important words.

I met Silke today and she showed me the icq-talk she had with her ex steffen 3 days after he had left her.  And she wrote something what made me really sad: "I lost two important ppl the last half year!" I think that's the truth. Even if they are friends.. that's not the same. Because always when she thinks bout her brother.. Steffen is her next thought.. because he was there in this hard time for her. I think that's not so easy.

Whatever.. I thought about it and don't want to be alone with it.

*kisses* Ruth 

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Fuck You, You fucking Bitch -.-

Got my Germanexam back and it's a D and I'm so angry because of it. Next week I'll write my Physikexam and it will be hard for me. >.<

Whatever.. I have to drink a lot at the weekend -.- with Marali and Lucie and Kevin. I think I'll be drunk!!!

Woahh.. that's so mean.. everything sucks..

Life's like a dick - If it gets too hard - Fuck it!!

FUCK YOU LIFE. Holy shit... I'm just too angry to make understandable sentences.. I'm sry!

Love U two, *kisses* Ruthi 

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I'm BACK! =D

I'm back!!

My PC is back, my internet is back, TEGC is back, and I'm coming on the 27th of December!! ^^


I'm so excited!

Mission ''M'' ended with unsuccess, I think I'd told you that... or had I? Nvm, it should be mentioned here anyhow. Apparently I'm too ugly for him, bwah! sucker. He doesn't know what wild animal he's losing XD

I missed our tegc and our blog so damn much! TT_TT but now we're on again, right now I'm talking to both of you! TEGC reunion!

I love you!!


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Isa Comin'


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night, music and a lot of thoughts

I'm listening to Maria Mena - ust hold me. Beautiful song!!!

I'm lying in Kevins bed next to him, he is playing playstation and I'm at the pc (as u can see) and chat with Felix. Not rly interesting so I have a lot of time to think about something rly important: Feelings!

Is it possible to feel nothing ? I mean.. I can not remember any day of my life, no hour, no minute or second in wich I had no feelings at all. That's just not possible for me. Because in the moment I think I don't feel anything I feel sad and angry about it!

I want ot sleep but I can't. Dunno why rly, I'm not tired... maybe tired of life. I had a horrible dream yesterday. I remind of the time I was not together with kevin and a thought from this time. I wanted to kill myself. I never told that to anyone.. it was so embarrasing. I wrote a letter to kevin.. it said that it's not rly sad and it said: "Nobody will miss me and I know but I don't rly care!" So, I wanted to bring this letter to him but he was not at home and after Silvester ... I didn't want to. Even my family was not rly there for me in this time.l I was alone. But who cares!!

Now I know for sure, I have two good friends!! I love U both! *kisses* Ruthi 

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Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Ruth+Kevin!

You guys are too cute together, and I hope you will celebrate even more anniversaries in upcoming years!

Happy Anniversary :D

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