Hey Girls

So, this is our first own blog, hope you'll enjoy to write here. It's my third blog so I hope it will be for longer than the others xD

I'll give you the PW in a private mail so you can write own entries. But you can also comment every entry.

I think we'll have a lot of time there.  

I love you <3 *kiss and hug* Ruthi 

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*wee* for the blog ^^!!!

Hiii both ^^

Ok, so part of this txt was taken from a msg to Mara, hope you don't mind, Ruth...


Haha, okay, 'bout nikola - today we were mocking all the time when around, and
Kika (his ex; he wants her still, and she kinda gives him fake hopes, at least
that's my opinion and the opinion of nikola's best friend), was, like: ''look
at 'em, mocking (not) on purpose all the time!''
It was just really funny, and, the best thing is that I didn't feel any other
more-than-friendly feelings toward the guy, so, yes, I think I'm moving
forward, and that feels absolutely great to know! =)

Hey, but don't think this was the first time like this - I think I've liked
nikola for 3 times ''for real'', so really strong emotions, which come at once,
stay for a while making me feel depressed, and then go away... and when I start
thinking that I won't like him ever again - there it comes back!
But! Now it's good =)

and 'bout the blog - bloody excellent! XD the idea rockz! ^^ I just dunno..
should we start writing there already, and stop with this pivate msgs, or...?
Ok, I'll put part of this text there, so that ruthie can read it

Ok, now I gotta finish with my msgs and then I'll have to make a HUGE homework
in geography -.- tomorrow I gotta be at school at quarter till 3 pm XD cuz we
don't have the first three hrs (just a coincidence :p), and then we'll have 1
hour of sociology (new subject!), and then 1 free period (it should be
croatian, but the prof's on the trip with the 4th graders), then sports (blah
-.-), then geography, and afterwards we'll go to that mexican restaurant ^^


I just hate that we started the whole thing so seriously already... I mean, homework on the first day? C'mon, gimme a break! -.- that sucks.

buuuut my folks are really cool now ^^

My, let's say, friend, from primary school is with an ew girl, and when tina heard that she got so hysteric, and THEN, we even SAW them walking together and holding hands, and she alost cracked, poor girl... she thinks Jurica (that's the guy :p) is too good for that girl XD


'bout mau and markus party - I think Mara is making progress, huh, Ruth? She knows he's a jerk, but still likes him... but the 'he's a jerk' is currently winning, I think.

AND, which is really important, Mara's not depressed anymore, and that's really really good =)


what 'bout you two? How are you Ruthie, excited 'bout the b-day ^^?

Lav ya both <3

*kisses & huggles*


 ps: ups, I wrote way too much ^^'' sorry, I always do that...

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Happy Birthday Ruthi!!!

Happy Happy Birthday honey! I wish you luck and happiness for your entire life! I love you so much!!! And I hope Kevin gets well soon!!!! greet him <3 well here's the picture we took today with the cake! Hope u liked it Ruthi <3 luv ya!!!


Ruthi, Mara, Rania, Sinja, Lisette and the cake named Dario!!!

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That's so ... fearful. I'm just shaking.. and now it's nearly 24 hrs after the accident.

 For Isa: Kevin had a motorbike accident and is in hospital till tomorrow. hope he'll be fine... I was so shoked when I get this message. I thought I have to die or so. I never felt so much fear. Dunno what to do.

Tomorrow Kevin can come home. Home to me. I need him now. It was like crashing down in a harder way i ever know. This was a crazy, fearful, funny birthday. My feelings went crazy. I didn't know To be happy, to be  afraid or to be sad?! I was so confused and cried a lot.

Now it's better but I'm still shaking. I thought lot bout dying and stuff. I would be very very sad if someone dies who I  love as much as I love kevin or you 2.

Hope you 2 will be not to afraid. Everything will be fine! I hope so - and something good was there: Now I know for sure I LOVE kevin more than my life. I would do anything for him.

Love you too <3

*kiss and hug*


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Thx for all your comments. Kevin is fine. He's sleeping in my bed. I'm so happy that everything went that well. It was rly the shock of my life. But now.. I'm nearly fine. I slept the first night since 2 days and it was rly good becuase I lay n kevin's arms. That made me feel good.

I thought about what you both said. About real love and this things. I know I'll never stop love him. I never did. When we broke up in december last year for 2 month ... I loved him all the time and it hurt. I dunno what I would do without him. It's hard to think about it. Hmmm... But everything is fine. He's happy and I am happy too. He's the love of my life. And I know I can't breathe without him.

Thx for all your cmpassion. It helps me to go through my own lil hell.

And what you said Isa: I dunno what to do without you and mara and all my friends too. If they died ... That would be  horrible. But we are all still here. And that's the good thing.

Let's live our life without being sad. Every day is a day to be happy. Because we are alive.

@ Mara: here is the poem kevin wrote for me:

Have you ever loved a girl... much as you would give your life for her? much as you would be lost without her? much as you, as a man, would cry if you lose her? much as you would go through hell to protect her? much as you want her to be the mother of your children? much as you want to spent the rest of your life with her? much as if she jumps down a bridge you would jump afterwards?

Have you ever loved a girl as much?

I still do, since first of November 2005


Love you 2. *kisses* Ruthi 

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Answers, comments, small news...

Hi both!

This is the answer @Mara's comment: 

''think it's rly good ur feeling normal towards nikola if that is ever possible :D well well hes a jerk >.< he has to see ur the cutest girl! fuck that ex girlfriend!!!! ''

Heeh, well, at ain't gonna go like that, he still loves her really much, and if that's the kinda love Ruth has toward Kevin, then I dunno if it'll ever die.

''o_o u already got homework? thats rather weird :D it took our teachers a week to rly give us a homework haha poor you T_T *hugs* ''

Yeah, we already have stuff, some profs already started interrogating which I find really stupid -.- >.< *hugs back*

then, @Mara - where are you, girl? What's new with you?

@Ruth - lav ya, Ruthie, as you already know, and you really have the golden ticket if Kevin feels the same way towards you as you do toward him (which I think he does). ^^

What was all with him being depressed and hurting himself?


Nothing really new here - I was on the school-fair today (on the school playground) to buy old school books, but found only 2 -.- Tina, Margo and I came across Kika and Nikola waiting in front of our school and Kika has her b-day today, so Tina and I gave her the big Milka chocolate we bought, and she was really happy then we stayed there and talked, and Nikola wanted all of us to go to the cafe, so we went, and it was a really nice and relaxed atmosphere...

well, no other smart stuff, I'd only like to hear from Mara, if that's possible...

Love you both *hugs*

& greets to kevin


(that's already on schuelervz, but dunno if ruth has seen it)

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yo ho

lol well well nothing has been going on in my life of importance thass why i dun open a new entry isa ^^ so hm i just came home from ruths party :D luv ya ruth, it was fun! hehe im gonna put up the pics soon ^^ so yea, I dunno what to write in here :D

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