HAHA.. I was in Aoxomoxoa yesterday evening and it was sooo cool. I drank three Whiskey-Cola and then went dancing. I think I looked rly stupid while doing that but who cares. Kevin danced, too and it was great and we had a lot of fun. Whatever.. nothing rly important happend. My mom met her mom ... that's funny because they havn't spoken a long time. And they  didn't speak to each other when they met now. But my Mom was shocked to see her after 20 years. xD

So, I hope you are fine!

Love U.

*kisses* Ruthi 

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just to write something

Ok, there aren't any news in here, but just to write stuff...

The English class is cool, and I'll keep going =) Tomorrow I'll write maths so I gotta study as soon as I finish writing this & after I eat something.
I think I'm really good friends with Nikola, and I hope that'll last. This Saturday I'll celebrate my b-day in a normal, girls-cake-and-gossip kinda-way, so not a real celebration, but a meeting of some sort.
Next Friday I think I'll go to a club where a RHCP tribute band will perform, and maybe on Saturday I'll go to another club where, luckily, mandic will be.
I'll see on that, I've got muuuch time till then.

Nothing else here.
love you and have fun ^^



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I feel so bad. Kevin and me had a big fight because he wants to go to a big party at Oberhausen - and he wants to go alone. I feel like sth wrong in his life. He said it's nothing about me and it's just because he wants to go alone one time. BUT .. It's our chance to go to a bigger place where a cool party is with cool music.. (and hot girls -.- that makes me crazy!!) and he wants to go ALONE? I cannot understand that! And I'm rly rly rly angry.

We fight over more than 1 hour just in the internet. Then wie stopped because we both thought that's nonsense. He knows that I can't trust him when he does sth like that. It's just mean to go just over me and my feelings. He doesn't realize he hurts me... I cannot understand that!!

After all I had to let him go alone. But I dunno if this relationship will go on after that....maybe I'll break up..even if i love him! It's not fair to treat me like any other girl. If he wants more freedom.. he should break up and be single 4 life!

Whatever... I love U girls!

*kisses* Ruthi 

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pics pics oh yeah sistah

I sleep in this.... XD


This is after I cut my bangs a little...

I dunno why I like this pic, cuz I look weird, but nvm.


 I look like my older cousin Elena here, really :p

Just plain odd this following one...


Okay, I just thought we needed some pics on the blog, and these are the newest onces, so...

All in all, nothing new here, I'm just depressed now... no reason... -.-

Lav ya both



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Falling down

I have nothing to write here but I fall down the stairs a few minutes ago.. and now.. my butt hurts soooo much. I hate falling down stairs.. because it always happens to me.

Kevin is going to Oberhausen today. Thanks for ur advice Isa =) I will not break up with him.. my feelings are too strong. but I have to talk with him bout it. Whatever... I love him.. that's important. I hope he'll have a lot of fun even if I'm jealous because I also want to go there. But I can't.

Maybe I'll go shopping today, because I have a lot of money.xD

Tomorrow mara comes back. I'm so happy bout that. I have missed her on the blog ;-)

Love U, *kisses* Ruthi 

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Paris <3

hey guys im back from paris, and it was so unbelievable beautiful, the entire trip was so perfect!

DAY 1 - Arriving in Paris: the first thing i saw was the arc de triomphe and the champs é gigantic! evrythin was so big and posh and beautiful... i was speechless! then we headed to montmatre (yes!) and i saw it, i saw the moulin rouge! i was so excited to see it and it was sooo red with lots of sex shops around it xD we also saw sacre coeur which looked rly cool as well. we went shopping at a virgin records megastore n in a disney store *.* lots of HSM2 stuff around there and nightmare before christmas (bought a cushion hehe) we also drove around the place de la concorde and the opera...i swear i felt like an ant coz evrythin is size XXL napoleon definitly had a bit of a complex xD

DAY 2 - Hunchback of Notre Dame: on tuesday we started the day with an extended sight seeing tour. we saw a lot of paris, again the most famous sights (arc de triomphe, hôtel des invalides etc) with backround info from a guide. we also saw one of the first statues of liberties that were made to experiment with the size xD I felt like i was in new york. and d'oh there were lots of emos haha. we then made our way to notre dame, the most gorgeous thing i have seen on this planet. i loved it. its so beautiful u get chills from it. it truly is impressive. when i was little i used to love the disney film and i couldnt stop myself from lookin for quasimodo and sing the theme of the motion picture :D it was rly rly beautiful. i will never call sth beautiful. (haha i got lost for a while tho xD that was bloody scary coz loads of gypsies run around there)

DAY 3 - Mona Lisa: We immediately set out for the Louvre wednesday morning. we walked in and the first thing to see was the pyramide. sth i had waited for since reading davinci code of dan brown. it was so beautiful and soooo big again. we went in and it was underground, rly impressive how well it worked. gettin tickets took us like seconds only and we headed for the salle 6 where the mademoiselle herself hangs: the mona lisa. i dunno what it was, but sth about her made me sad, as if she was tryin to smile to prevent evryone from seein how triste she was feelin. i couldve cried with her right there. she was beautiful and hung on a wall by herself. couldnt they have given her company? we also saw the venus and met ppl from my town (I even went camping with them once haha how small the world is). then we drove to la defense to see la grande arche. damn it, its taller than the arc de triomphe xD rania was gettin sick while lookin at it haha it was great. la defense is rly rly modern, lots of skyscrapers, and different from the old paris. we drove through the seine at night and saw evrythin lighted. it was beautiful. i was thinking hard about my friends n i felt soo hapy to have everyone. then i saw the moulin rouge!, lighted, just beautifully standing out from evrythin else *.* was awake for 17 hours when i fell asleep without notice in my bed hehe

DAY 4 - Louix le roi: today we visited versaille. we went through the castel and saw the rooms and damn damn damn! that king had definitly too much time. the rooms were sooo big and decorated with carpets and gold and the finest stuff they could afford around that time. so many asians we were practically pulled by all of em through it xD the gardens of versailles were beautiful. so big, but beautiful xD I ruined my chucks tho, could feel every stone xD hurt lots and then it was time to leave paris, take a last glimpse on the camps élysees and head home :D

hee sorry for my long report xD picsus comin tomorrow

luv ya, kisses & hugs


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Hi Girls!

I dunno what to write... it's a good day I think. I'll go to the trainstation to pick up kevin and then we'll go to Roetgen.  I dunno what I can tell him.. I don't feel very good about what he did but .. dunno how it comes.. I don't feel bad. -.- Dunno... maybe .. no that's nothing I should write here. Whatever.. I think it's all fine. Maybe I have all my being-jealous-stuff under controll. But I dunno.

So, that's my last blog.. now I'm not online until friday the 12th of october. Maybe I'll message Mara when sth happend and she can blog it. But that's just for sth rly important.

Love U girls! *kisses* Ruthi

Ps: Mara, ur card has not arrived yet. Hope it'll arrive till monday morning! 

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