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Hi gals!

Well, today was a really exhausting and tiring day... .we somehow managed to postpone our chemistry exam, although there was much fuss about that. Nevermind. I'm just so sick of all those hypocrites of our professors...

Anyway, Tina told me something which SHOULDN'T be bothering me, but it still DOES bother me....
Tina: ''This happened a few days ago while I was in the shop with Petra, Kikica and Justa. They were talking about you, and then they said 'Aha, Mandic', and I said that that story is over, and then they said 'Aha, Nikola's now. Definitely Nikola.' And even Justa said 'yap, nikola' ''

Dunno. I know I shouldn't worry about that stuff, but Tina told me: ''They had all noticed SOMETHING. Petra always mentions the way you look at him. You've never told them anything about the feelings you had had toward him, except for Kikica who didn't say anything to anybody, and they somehow know something.'' 

Dunno. It's stupid, I know, but it still bugs me and I keep thinking about that...

Nvm. I'm not in the greatest mood today, obviously, but I think/hope I'll go out tomorrow (Ruthie will be proud of me :P), have fun, and forget 'bout stuff.

Ruth knows about my dog who's ill - for Mara: He got some kinda allergic reaction to ... gah, can't remember the right word... the being which later becomes a butterfly. Well, that. And he also had angina, but luckily, today he's better. We'll take him to the vet once more tomorrow morning.

Alright, nothing else is new here.
Love you girls!! *kisses* And see ya soon =))

9.11.07 22:07

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Mara (10.11.07 17:08)
first xD CHEMISTRY SUX!!! XD im afraid of it lol
hm...i dunno how u look at him, but i doubt its the "omg i so love him" look o.O they probably just guessed sth...ppl do that so often and then rumours start. u shouldnt give a damn about it!
wah these days all dogs get ill >.< i hope ur cutie is better soon :D i saw pics hes rly rly sweet :D and have fun goin out! im off to lisls now :D

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