Bored and Tired

Hi Girls!

I'm at Kevin today .. and I'm bored. Today we gonna go to this DCP and I hope we'll have a lot of fun. But I feel so tired even I slept 13 hours last night. (maybe it's just because I slept that much!!!) U know what I mean.

So,  hope this Party will be ok and we'll have a good time. We have to walk there .. and I'm not happy bout it because I want to wear my shoes with this 11cm .. and it hurts after a while walking. Hope it's not too bad. I'm also trying to find the shortest way .. but I really dunno xD So we'll see! :D

Whatever.. we'll take the bus at 18:54 and it's 18:04 now. I hope kevin will be ready because he's taking a shower at the moment and he's not as quick as  am.. xD I hope he'll shave his face.. I hate his beard. >.<

so, I wish u both a nice weekend .. or what's left of it.

*kisses* Ruthi 

10.11.07 18:06

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Isa (10.11.07 19:09)
Hi ruthie!
whoa, 11cm shoes... that must hurt :p I only know that I'd fall down right away with 'em on.
well, hope you'll have a really cool and nice evening at the party with kevin!
love you *hugs*

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