19:12 on a Saturday

Hi girls!

I feel so lazy and I don't wanna go anywhere. But Margo wanted me to come out so badly, and wrote half of the sms ''please'', so in the end I gave up, and we'll meet at 09:30 near Uljanik the club.

We're planning to go first to Rojc, where an Anti-Fa (anti-fascistic) concert of underground bands is gonna be held. We'll see the atmosphere and in the case we don't like it, we'll go back to Uljanik.

I'm going cuz Margo asked me to, and cuz Vesna is gonna come also. Jukica, a girl from my class, is going to come too, but I don't like her. She's a huge hypocrite - she's, like, all nice to your face, but when you turn your back to her, she starts bitching around about you. I hate that >.<

I'd like her not to come, but I think she will.. nevermind.

I hope I'll have fun, though.

Love you *hugs*


10.11.07 19:17

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