Sunday, and I need to read lecture =.=

Hey girls,

I went out yesterday and it was okay - first there were only Margo and I. Vesna couldn't come cuz she wasn't allowed to. Rojc is not for the ''good ones'', and her parents don't let her go there. Also, we didn't see anybody from class there cuz all the fancy crew stays far away from that place which is full of punks.

Then we met with three girls from the A class, and a guy from the 4th grade. They were okay, I was chatting with the guy and he was really funny.

We were chilling outside the 'club' for quite some time, and afterwards went in - but it was too crowded, and there was a huge  ____. Margo and I were quite scared, cuz there were mad punks, and you never know which one might hurt you.

So, we went out, and went to the Uljanik club. There was quite dull, cuz only a small amount of ppl was there. The three A class girls went back to Rojc again I think, but Margo and I stayed in Uljanik and chilled there for one hour (saw ManDICK mwahaha, we were laughing at him so hard XD), and afterwards went for a walk around the city and talked.

It could've been better, but it was okay, and I'm happy Margo had forced me to go out, cuz I needed it =)

Love you *hugs* & write about your evening!!

11.11.07 12:13

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