Dark Celebration party

Hey Girls!

Yesterday I went out with kevin to the dcp and it was such great fun We came there 22:00 and stayed there to 2:00 at night. It was so cool and so loud good music and I danced so much. xD

Celina was there, but whio cares bout that bitch?! She looked at me like she wanted to kill me the next moment xD but I smiled at her and then she never looked at me the whole evening. :P

But something made me crazy... Celina said "hello" to an boy on this party and he gave her a kiss .. and kevin looked so jealous... dunno. maybe I'm just crazy or so. whatever....

it was a gread time and I enjoyed it. And next weekend I'll go to the blacklight party

See U *kisses* Ruthi 

11.11.07 13:26

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