I hate those days .. I hate those hrs and minutes and seconds when all my memories about Kevins accident come back. It's like I can't breath anymore ... it's like my heart stands still for minutes. It hurts and I dunno what to d against it. It's now 2 month ago.. but it's still here... it's not rly gone away.

I dunno if I should talk with Kevin about it... because I think he'll not understand. For him it's all over and easy to forget. But for me.. it was the hardest moment in my life.

Sry that I complain about those unimportant things!

I live U two! *kisses* Ruth 

14.11.07 18:08

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Isa (14.11.07 21:34)
my little poor ruthie.... those aren't unimportant things! O.o
it's normal you feel that way... kevin is the opposite, and doesn't wanna talk about it cuz he only wants to forget. It was tough for him also, but he wants to leave it all behind. I would react the same way.
But that's why we're here for! Our tegc! Feel free to tell us all, and ''complain'' about whatever you want to.
*hug* keep strong, my girl.
love ya *kiss*

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