So, my dog died yesterday.

He was almost 10 years old. When my dad told me that he passed away, I cried. I was sad at school, but with help of my friends, got back on my feet again.

I'm fine today. I think I'm so calm because maybe, somewhere deep inside, I still don't realize that I won't see him nor pat him again. It had been almost long 10 years I had him, so since I was 7. That's a long time.

I don't believe in heaven, nor do I believe in hell. But I just hope he had a good time living here with me and my family. I hope he knew how much I loved him.

Well. Now I still have my little Skippy and my cat Miu to take care of. Skippy was deeply traumatized yesterday; he misses Naison even more than I do, I think.

Talk to you soon, girls
love you *kisses*

17.11.07 19:22

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Mara (18.11.07 11:25)
honey so sorry T.T hope you're feelin better now T.T poor Naison had a very very great time with your family... *hugs*

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