yoho :D

seems the blog is dying xD Nooooo!

well, I'm in school right now and have 4 hours to go...currently havin a booooooooring free period...already had 2 others and 1 to go... so I'm feelin alright I guess...tho I'm totally bad in math these days and mr. Frühwein talked to me about it...jeez...-__- soooooo uhm XD school sux right now...T_T nvm

luv ya guys and keep postin :D




20.11.07 12:16

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Ruth (20.11.07 16:02)
The login failled -.-

Whatever.. What said Mr. Fruehwein? O.o

Love U

Isa (20.11.07 20:34)
last time the blog didn't work. O.o nvm. it's okay now. =) yeah, keep posting ^^

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