is this blog gonna die? T_T O.o

Hey hons!

This blog is really slowly dying out, and I don't want that to happen! First of all, I know I hadn't been writing it regularly, but I'll try to. Second of all, we don't have our tegc evenings anymore! T_T and third of all, I dunno what's up with ruthie (btw, I LOVE your pic on schuelervz, it's so damn cute ^^!)

So, I got good grades this week, and I'll soon go out, so I'll make this quick, cuz I came back from school 24 mins ago and I gotta chill.

So... :p I'd been waiting for TODAY all the week long, and everything's so uber cool! BUT! Only one thing is SCREWED, and that is that I gotta wake up at 7am tomorrow, cuz we're gonna have HISTORY CLASSES from 8-10am, cuz the prof. hadn't showed up a few times, and now we have less classes than we should have. Damn, I so hate that guy >.< He might be a fuckin' genius (what is often said, cuz he knows EVERYTHING related to his stupid subject), but I hate him. 

I wish you both a very happy weekend and have much much fun ^^
Love you all <3!
See u in... *checks* 34 days!
<3 !!

23.11.07 20:27

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