stalker alarm AHHHH

so we went downtown me and rania to meet with kevin sinja and yann at 7:30...but we did some shopping earlier and met friends at ebrunnen and out of a sudden i see kevin brendel like 10 meters away from me and i dunno why, but I was suddenly scared to death and ran...rania came running behind me and we went 7:30 we went back to ebrunnen and met kathrin and other friends...waited for about almost an hour and sinja didnt turn mad at her... like we went to the christmas fair alone me and rania and had fun and drove home again...suddenly duuh the phone rings me and rania AHHH KEVIN BRENDEL! wasn't him but turned out he wrote me tons of mssgs on damn scared right now...he's totally crazy... Markus promised to talk to him to leave me alone...and Felix too *-* so cute WELL im actually scared to death right now...told my dad to scare him off if he should ever phone me again...

23.11.07 22:18

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Ruth (25.11.07 19:30)
:D I wanna meet this scarry guy :P He seems to be very very... very.. xD dunno a good english word! He's weird.. and strange and all those things^^

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