Some poems I wrote: 


Fear - of losing
as You are
Fear - of change
wich destroys everything
Fear - of being alone
when u left me
Fear - of being not Yours anymore
as I was
Fear - of being not protected anymore
as You did all the time
Fear - of waking up
lying next to a stranger


Killing Yourself 

What would you do
if he says
he wanna die?
Would you care
or would you cry?
Would you help
or would you lie?
Would you say
it's his own decision?



I did lost you
gave you away
It was not the right time
for you to be here
i know that sounds hard
and maybe unfair
but what could i give you?
only love and air?
Thats not much
not enough!

I love you,
just one week
but you're part of my world!



And it was hard
to find myself
lying in my bed alone
lying in all that blood
Dying by myself
Because you never
really loved me!


10.12.07 18:56

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