I don't want this blog to die out.

Hello again!

Woah. I can't believe the holidays had already passed. It seems like nothing has changed, and, well, it hasn't.

But I was at Lisl's, and I met you two (Mara for the first time, and Ruth again).

That was nice =)

Well, actually, nothing new here. I had been thinking about the future a lot lately. And not only me, but Chonka also. And I wrote a song for Chonka, but it's in Croatian + rap. =) actually, should be organic (jazz + rap over it).

So. I hope we're all gonna start writing here again. I never talk to Ruth because she got such a WoW junkie ^^ 

Hope to revive TEGC once again!

Love you <3

13.1.08 13:41

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Ruth (14.1.08 18:08)
I AM NO WOW-JUNKIE... I just wanna have some fun..

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