Hi, I'm Isa (whoa, who could've said considering the title? O.o XD). I was born on the 18/09/1990 in Slovenia.
I've always lived in Croatia, though, and it's okay here, although you've got no places to go out, the salaries are low, the country is a total stupid conservative mess etc etc.

I've always been the ''good kid''. You know, never caused problems, always had good grades at school... not like my brother *duh*  Although, when I was in 4th grade (so, I was 10 then) I ripped my friend's T-shirt, and he was really mad, and I started crying bwahaha, what a sucker.

The one thing that is above all others for me is friendship. I mean, I really care about my friends, and I'm really hurt if in the end it turns out they weren't my real friends. My best friend is Tina. Sorry, but no one can come even close to that position - we've known each other since we were in kindergarden, and we're like an old married couple, I tell you - we know each other so well, and are often embarrassed to tell stuff we did, or said, but aren't so proud of.
Then, my other great friends are: Lilli, Mara, Ruth, Margo. About others I'm not exactly sure, cuz it all depends. Like, I'm really good with Chonka, but we never go out together so that changes things quite a bit.

As Mara, I'm also really attached to my music. I listen to all sorts of things - from hip-hop, across grunge, to rock. Right now I'm into old school rap music, and also Placebo and Muse which are my two new ''discoveries'' I couldn't live without music! When there's nobody else for you, music is there. And it makes you feel so much better, you only need to pick the right kind. :p

My fav. school subject is English. I still dunno what am I gonna study later, after high school - whether that'll be translating, or web design, or... bah. Dunno yet. But I'll need to know in less than one year. That quite scares me.

.... bla bla bla ... XD I always write too much, and this is not even close to all the stuff I'd wanna write here XD :p

*peace* !