I'm Mara :D

hey there, my name is Mara, I'm 16 years old and from Aachen, Germany. I was born July 26, 1991. I've always lived in the same city. I'm currently attanding 11th grade at a grammar school, my favourite subjects are English and Philosophy. I love my friends, they are the most important persons in my life, just to name a few of my best-est of friends: Ruth, Isa, Rania and Lisette. There's only one thing that comes close to those - music. I've grown up with AC/DC, Meatloaf and Led Zeppelin, I still like those, but I favourised Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is..., The Sex Pistols, Do As Infinity, Billy Talent, Anna Tsuchiya, Ayumi Hamasaki and Yuna Ito over the years. I can't live without my friends nor music. Hm... I love going to the movies or watch a good film at home (I love Moulin Rouge!, Fight Club, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Domino, Lion King, Nightmare Before Christmas, Mona Lisa Smile and more). I also love to eat lol. chocolate or other tasty stuff is always welcome :D I love Japanese, I love guys with grey eyes, I love punk and rock (old 60s rock'n'roll is wicked!!!) and everything individual!!!